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What if your website could know that a user’s connection just became slower? And what if you could automatically respond in real time by serving up customized content based on that information? Netbiscuits Device Detection enables you to do that!

Over a fast connection, you could display a rich informational video. When a user’s smartphone is on a slower speed, you could detect that and automatically show them an informational graphic instead. Rather than crawling to a halt, your website will continue to perform, keeping customers engaged.

What if your website could know what device a customer is using? And what if you could automatically serve up different content based on that knowledge, increasing performance and decreasing costs?

You can send a specific layout to your customers on a desktop or notebook that looks good on a larger screen. Those on a tablet can see a different design, optimized for that device, perhaps offering simplified navigation or displaying bigger buttons to work more easily with a touchscreen. Mobile devices need not download a full responsive website. You can send them a third design, with smaller pictures and nimbler content, designed to use less bandwidth over a mobile connection.

Netbiscuits Device Detection allows you to decide from the server which content to display, increasing performance for the customer and reducing your company’s bandwidth costs.

What else can Netbiscuits Device Detection do for my company?

Netbiscuits Device Detection takes the customization process a step further, detecting not only the customer’s device and browser but also many settings (parameters) related to the user’s device, including screen size, screen orientation, local time, bandwidth, geolocation, battery level, the presence of sensors, and a long list of capabilities including HTML, CSS and JavaScript feature support.

Using Netbiscuits Device Detection parameters, you could for example:

  • Detect the customer’s local time and feature a breakfast menu in the morning and lunch and dinner menus at appropriate times
  • Display regional information based on the user’s geolocation
  • Detect whether the device has a fingerprint sensor or sensors to detect the user’s heartrate or gestures; use that information to customize a design to incorporate those capabilities
  • Create an optimized touch enabled website for touch enabled devices, like BMW Motorcycles did
  • Ensure that your website is compatible with older feature phones, like PayPal’s website
  • Develop an adaptive, optimized mobile page, like Diageo Careers

No matter what your product or service, Netbiscuits Device Detection parameters can enable your website to automatically adapt to the user’s individual device. Your website becomes smarter, your customers have a better experience, and you can save money on bandwidth costs.

Professional Services

Besides products, we furnish Professional Services, such as project management, implementation, cloud hosting, and 24/7 support, providing full service to our customers! Our experienced engineering team has been working with clients such as kicker and BMW Motorcycles on large scale and high traffic web applications for more than 10 years.

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