Enhanced Responsive Web

Technology Strategy, Design & Implementation


  1. Consulting: Adaptive / responsive / liquid web, device detection, client- or server-side adaptation, device type-based routing, native / hybrid / web apps? We help you navigate this space and identify the right strategy for your requirements.
  2. Design & Implementation: We work with your team to design and implement your enhanced responsive web sites or applications.

Why Netbiscuits?

  • Experienced Team of Web Technology Experts: Our team has developed large-scale web assets, which are optimized to work across devices, for more than 15 years.
  • Round-trip Optimization: We have the right complementary tools and services in place to iteratively optimize your web assets in an agile, data-driven way: our analytics and testing services.
  • Netbiscuits Device Detection: Device Detection is the API to the world´s most accurate device library we built up from many professional services engagements.

How we partner with you

  • We provide turn-key solutions or bring in our expertise in selected work packages (rapid prototypes, proof-of-concepts, technical integration blueprints, architectural designs, etc.)
  • We expand your organization’s capabilities by taking over projects end-to-end or by working alongside your team embedded into your development cycles (agile or traditional).
  • For visual design or content creation we typically work with your marketing team / agency or we can bring in one of our market-leading agency partners.
  • Our engineering team has a wide range of expertise in both back-end and front-end web technologies, both open-source or commercial. Our approach is to utilize whatever is best for your project.
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