Sell more along the entire customer lifecycle

Personalized marketing

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Smart software solutions

Increase your deals and conversion rate

Get more out of your data with our partner AdTelligence. Generate insights from your existing customer data. Learn from and about your customers and predict their behavior.

Train your website to recognize which visitors of your website have which needs and react appropriately.

Learn from experience and automate your processes. This way you will automatically reach your customers with the right offer at the perfect time.

The solutions at a glance

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Run customer journey mining with AdTeligence Pathfinder. Pathfinder is the Swiss Army Knife for data analysts. It enables comprehensive analysis of visitor and customer behavior across all customer touchpoints from website and customer portal to CMS, service center, email, SMS or on-site incidents in your stores and stores. Pathfinder connects to any underlying business system and gives you a complete real-time view of processes. Leverage a complete set of process optimization tools, including process mining, AI and automation.

Intelligent Customer Data Layer

Make your IT landscape even more intelligent. Adtelligence’s Intelligent Customer Data Layer can be easily integrated into any IT infrastructure. All data sources are used to automatically identify when your customers should receive which offer and automatically adjust sales activities to tap untapped revenue potential.

All output channels can be connected easily and without much effort. Do you already have marketing automation software? No problem, the Adtelligence software can also be optimally combined with it and simply sends the intelligent signals based on all data sources.

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Conversion rate increase with AI

With the Adtelligence AI Framework (AAIF), automatic optimization can start right away – without a warm-up phase. This allows you to benefit more quickly from the positive learning effects.

You no longer have to design the campaigns technically, but can configure them according to your wishes and start directly. Operation is simple and intuitive. Your changes are visible to you directly in the browser and can be played out to your customers with just a few clicks – what you see is what you get. With predefined page areas you can create personalized user experiences without technical background and change them at any time.
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