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Personalized experiences

We at Netbiscuits are your partner when it comes to personalized content on your website.  With our Device Detection solution, you can create customized web content for different devices and ensure that your customers receive a web experience that is perfectly tailored to their device.

Use our Customer Intelligence solution, which we have implemented with one of our partners, this allows you to target your customers at exactly the right moment with the right product and thus increase your sales.

Personalize your web pages for each visitor and play out dynamically and in real time a page variant optimized for this user. We also have a solution for this with our partners!

With another of our partners we offer a solution for the automated generation of product texts. The user-friendly Natural Language Generation software enables you and your team to generate large amounts of text in many languages in a scalable way.

What we can do for you

Our Services

Device Detection

Improve customer satisfaction across all devices and provide a user experience tailored to your device.

Personalized websites

Increase leads and your website's conversion rate with custom content tailored to the user.

Generated product descriptions

Optimize the relevance and quality of the user journey with high-quality and automatically generated product descriptions.

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We help companies stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing world.
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