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Automatic text generation

in Over 110 Languages

Multilingual text generation

High quality content in almost any language

With our partner AX Semantics you can generate product descriptions automatically in almost any language in the world. Whether German, English, Chinese or Finnish, more than 110 languages are supported.

This is a 100% user-friendly Software-as-a-Service service, which means that all text generation functions can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser. The interface is so intuitively designed that you don’t need any programming knowledge to use this service.

Selection of over 110 languages:

The advantages at a glance

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Multilingual text generation

Generate texts in over 110 languages. Your input data set will be translated into other languages and played out in the software. You also have the option to adapt the content to regional language variants, such as Brazilian Portuguese.

Natural Language Output based on structured data

NLG transforms your data into high-quality texts for product descriptions. In doing so, you have the option of configuring them to any type of data structure you provide. With the help of the data transformation, the data can subsequently be cleaned and transformed according to your ideas. The data formats JSON, CSV or Excel are available for importing and exporting the data.

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Intuitive web interface

With the 100% user-friendly web interface, you will find your way around immediately. This offers the possibility of collaboration of several users, so that they can edit and configure your content simultaneously. You can configure, edit and check your texts directly in the live editor. Elements can be shared across projects by simply copying and pasting them.

The web interface also supports branches at arbitrary locations. This allows you to add branches at different places in the statement to create more variance and visually compare logical conditions and variations.

Fully automated workflows

The automatic text generation can be easily integrated into your existing application via an API. Here, our partner offers an API client code generator, with the help of which you can generate the API code for 13 different programming languages. In addition, various plugins are offered for the store systems Zapier, Magneto and Shopware.

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