Device Detection

Take your Responsive Web Design to the next level

Netbiscuits Device Detection

The most accurate device database in the world

Netbiscuits Device Detection allows you to take Responsive Web Design to the next level. It characterizes every web request already on the server by tapping into the world’s most accurate and comprehensive device library. This information enables you to increase conversion rates and traffic by delivering optimized resources and optimized user experiences for each device. Netbiscuit’s Device Detection is the backbone of choice for businesses to implement an adaptive web strategy. Some of the world’s largest news portals and e-commerce sites rely on this solution.

Our advantages:

Device database

Our device library includes over 10,000 web-enabled devices and contains more than 500 hand-tested parameters for each device, updated weekly by our dedicated team of device, browser and operating system experts.

Unmatched data quality

All of our data is collected in-house, making Netbiscuits the premier original source for global device data. Our rigorous data governance and quality assurance processes are our "secret recipe" for delivering unsurpassed data quality.

Dynamic parameters

In addition to the static parameters we have stored in our device library, we also provide a collection of dynamic, contextual parameters. These are captured on the client and deployed at runtime so that you can respond to the current technical context of your users.

Improved iPhone and iPad detection

We offer the industry's leading device discovery service for iPhones and iPads, including individual versions. If you're already measuring, why not get the most accurate insights you can?

Unlimited number of websites

Deploy your Device Detection script on as many websites as you like.
Our team of experts will help you set up and integrate Device Detection into your websites and bring your team up to speed, including developing solutions to any issues you might encounter.

Front-end, cloud, on-premises, device-routing

We have an option for almost any technical configuration. We support a variety of languages: JavaScript, Java, .Net, PHP, WordPress and our language-independent REST API, which we make available to you from our global data centers.

Our Device Detection at a glance

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Where we can help

If the connection is fast, you could display an extensive informational video. If a user’s smartphone has a slower speed, you can detect that and automatically show them an informational graphic instead. Your website doesn’t grind to a halt, but keeps running and keeps customers engaged.

You can send your customers on a desktop or notebook a specific layout that looks good on a larger screen. Customers using a tablet may see a different design optimized for that device, perhaps offering simplified navigation or displaying larger buttons to make it easier to use with a touchscreen. Mobile devices don’t necessarily need to download a fully responsive website. You can send them a third design with smaller images and more nimble content that is designed to use less bandwidth over a mobile connection.

Netbiscuit’s Device Detection allows you to decide from the server what content to display, improving performance for the customer and reducing your company’s bandwidth costs.

With Netbiscuits device detection parameters you can for example:

Detect the customer’s local time and display a breakfast menu in the morning and lunch and dinner menus at the appropriate times.
Display regional information based on the user’s geolocation
Identify whether the device has a fingerprint sensor or sensors to detect the user’s heart rate or gestures; use this information to customize the design to incorporate these features
Create an optimized touch-enabled website for touch-enabled devices, as BMW Motorcycles did
Make sure your site is compatible with older cell phones, like PayPal’s site, or Develop an adaptive, optimized mobile site, like Diageo Careers did

No matter what the product or service, Netbiscuits device detection parameters allow your website to automatically adapt to the user’s device. Your site becomes smarter, your customers have a better experience, and you can save on bandwidth costs.

In addition to products, we offer Professional Services such as project management, implementation and cloud hosting to provide our customers with a comprehensive service! Our experienced engineering team has been working on large-scale and high-traffic web applications for more than 10 years with customers like kicker and BMW Motorcycles.

How can we help you?

We help companies stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing world.
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