Device & Web Analytics Services

Data-driven optimization decisions


  • Data-driven Optimization: We work with you to measure and iteratively optimize the key performance indicators (e.g., conversion rates) of your web site / web app across all devices, browsers and operating systems.
  • Global Traffic Insights: We analyze our global web traffic to derive recommendations and answer your questions in a data-driven way.

Why Netbiscuits?

  • Detailed Device Data: Netbiscuits offers the most accurate device detection solution and the highest data quality in the market.
  • Global Web Traffic: Our global web traffic provides a solid baseline for prioritizing your optimization and technology selection decisions.
  • Round-trip Optimization: If our Analytics data indicates a problem in a specific segment, our testers can quickly dig deeper to see what is going on. To sustainably fix the issue, our Device Detection solution may be utilized.

Example Use Cases

  • Ensure readiness for new devices: We continuously monitor devices being launched and ensure your web site / web app provides a great experience on all of them.
  • Web site / web app (re-)launch: We analyze your device / user population and upcoming trends to ensure your investments are future proof and prioritized properly (e.g., which screen sizes and browsers to optimize for).
  • Browser feature selection: Should you already use the new and cool HTML features or browser APIs? We can tell you the share of your market supporting it already. Additionally, we can tell you how well it is supported and if there are viable workarounds (polyfills, etc.) to fill the gaps in the meantime.
  • Geographical expansion: Would you like to launch in Asia, in Brazil or in South-Africa? We can tell you which devices and browsers to focus on and if your page will work with the bandwidth available in these regions.

How we partner with you

  • One-time project support or continuous engagement (e.g., to ensure the effectiveness of your web assets as new devices are being launched).

  • Specialized Netbiscuits analytics infrastructure and/or integration of Netbiscuits’ device data into a 3rd party analytics tool.
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