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Who we are

Netbiscuits provides device detection tools, which allow your web developers to customize and optimize your website to better engage and serve your customers. The device a customer uses and the context in which it is used impacts how a customer behaves online. Our device detection product enables you to make the right decisions–either server or client side–to seamlessly deliver optimized content to your customers based on their device, connection speed, and other factors.

We partner with all of our customers to deliver personalized support. For companies requiring more extensive assistance, Netbiscuits offers full professional web services, including project management, implementation, cloud hosting, and 24/7 support services.

Since 2000, our heritage and expertise in mobile solutions has been helping brands such as BMW Motorcycles, eBay, PayPal, kicker, Screwfix, and many others create brilliant web experiences for any device. We understand digital marketing challenges and can partner with you to create the best, most optimized, most dynamic website to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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